Beach orientation posts: something all seaside resorts are looking for!

It is a well-known fact that children get lost on tourist beaches all over the world out of lack of landmarks. The consequences of these mini-tragedies are often a true nightmare not only for the children, but also for their supervisors and parents. The phenomenon of getting lost on busy beaches furthermore affects the image of the seaside resort in question, causes a lot of trouble for lifeguards, police and other auxiliary services and transforms a planned carefree day by the sea into a combination of stress and fear.

The beach orientation posts© were conceived to put an end to all this trouble: it concerns three-metre high posts topped by a figure easily recognisable for children.

The six different figures: train, house, boat, ball, fish and banana, differ strongly from each other, and the concept is implemented in such a manner that these figures are easy to remember even in stress situations - "Where is my mum again?". They do not only demonstrate their usefulness as meeting place and landmark, but also have a preventive effect thanks to their friendly appearance in places where many people gather: "Attention please! You can easily get lost here."

Special orientation bracelets© were designed to reinforce the usefulness of the orientation posts. Made of supple plastic, these bracelets bear the image of one of the orientation post figures. In addition, you can mention the name of the child or indicate the location of the parents or supervisors on the bracelets by means of an ordinary pen.

So getting lost is no longer an issue, and if someone does get lost, the bracelet will help to find back the parents or supervisors in no time.


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orientation posts De Panne
De Panne
orientation posts St.-Idesbald - Koksijde Bad
St.-Idesbald - Koksijde Bad
orientation posts Oostduinkerke - Groenedijk
Oostduinkerke - Groenedijk
orientation posts Lombardsijde - Westende Bad
Lombardsijde - Westende Bad
orientation posts Middelkerke

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