Huge media interest


This may seem a pretty big boast, yet the information is correct.

It is virtually impossible to provide an overview on this site of all media attention given to both initiatives: the orientation posts and the orientation bracelets.
The story and the initiatives are well covered not only in the Belgian media, but also in the foreign press in countries where the orientation posts appear.

A remarkable element is the repetitive character of this media interest. The image of the orientation post figures appears to be a reference image for tourism, the coast and holidays.
The subject of 'getting lost' at sea and what can be done about it in terms of prevention is a hot item that inspires the media every year before, during and after the summer.

The related huge free publicity and profit page scope for the partners, private sponsors and authorities concerned who help implement the project can therefore no longer be mapped.

For this reason we would like to refer to the different web search engines.

Enter the following words:
- oriëntatiepalen (orientation posts)
- strandpalen (beach posts)
- anti-verdwaalarmbandjes (orientation bracelets)
- Dominiek Vervaecke (the initiator of both projects)